The team


Joey Jameson:Hailing from London, UK, Joey was granted special dispensation to leave the motherland and ply his trade in sunnier climes, now residing in Sydney. This raconteur, spent the early years of his career learning his craft as an actor, starring in a number of short and feature films. He now combines his passion for directing the action with his natural talent as a visual story teller.
Roman Mongin:Roman started as a video editor in France back in 2007, before coming to Australia and staying because of a woman. He works on TVCs and corporate video productions, and is currently editing a feature film, ‘Flotsam Jetsam’, directed by Banjo Fitszimon. He holds a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking and is passionate about the art of building and pacing a story. He’s still trying to figure out why a 2 hour film might feel longer than a 3 hour one.
Christiaan Blok:Filmmaker, and spoiler of women, Christiaan has been working in TV and video production for about as long as it takes to boot up a Red One camera. Holding an arts degree and a teaching qualification, he can teach you suck eggs and write a doctoral thesis on it!He can swing a lens and cut a film and is on first name basis with most catering departments. He also looks good in baseball caps so I suppose this means he can direct.
Matt Graham:Matt Graham has been writing and directing short films for the last five years. Rosey and me won gold at the ASC Awards in NSW. His shorts have been shown at Beverly Hills, Dungong, Feel Good, Palms Springs and Vail.